I don’t need a lover…

All I need is

…to have someone to think about whenever I feel lonely.

…to have someone in my heart that could hold me from the wild nights out there.

…to have someone to reach for that keep my head from the crazy thoughts.

Could you be that person for me? I don’t really care. ‘Cause I don’t need you by my side, I don’t need you to do anything for me, I don’t even need to meet you. I just need to you stay there in your own life, be the one who I desire, be the one who I choose to give a special place in my heart. I’m never that type of person who need to be taken care of, but who need to have someone to look after. I’m strong. I sure can stand on my own feet.

If you think I’m the one who live for love, you don’t understand me at all. Everybody need to have a love of life. But my love is definitely not my lust. Not ever. 🙂 If you think I’m the one who get crazy for love, you don’t know me at all. I’m just going crazy when my life has no point. I’m just going crazy when I can’t figure out the plan of my life clearly.

And when I made a plan – I chose a path – I got a goal, I would go for it with a peaceful smile. And, this is Now!

Everything is back to its orbit again. My life is back to what it was. No more uncertain. No more Viv or stranger. No more love or lust. I’m me again. A Loner in soul, not so happy but yet not so sad. Just enough to carry on with this life. Just enough! I’m home with my life, working hard, loving my big family, learning new things.

I’m the one who always be there to save myself in the end, as always! Always. 🙂

I’m my own hero. Yeah We all need to be our own hero.

Be happy me. 🙂



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