What are your top three hobbies?

Hmm, this is such a hard question for me. I need a top 10 instead of 3. Lol. I’m kind of a polymath or maybe a dilettante you can say, so it’s hard for me to pick out 3 hobbies as the top 3 of mine. Let me see. Okay here are the top 3 hobbies I’ve been doing lately:

1/ Sport:

This is an indispensable hobby of my life. I love swimming, basketball, riding bicycle…I can also play soccer, badminton, Judo…etc. I want to play all sports if I have enough chance and time. I’m an Aries, and as it’s said that Aries woman is kind of daredevil and reckless. 😀 I’m not sure I can be that reckless daredevil but I sure can travel the with you through all the wildest adventures. Too bad I’m still single now, so that lately I just can go swimming or jogging alone whenever I have spare time. Sometimes, I feel myself a Loner somehow. 🙂

2/ Reading:

I love reading. That’s all I can say. Which way of reading do you prefer? Ebook or traditional book? For me, I still prefer traditional book for various reasons. I do have problem with reading ebook. First, I can’t stay concentrated while reading an ebook. Second, Reading ebook on phone or, any electronic devices causes eyestrain so that I can’t read for more than 1 hour. 😦 At last, I love to turn pages, and for me, a house without books is like a body without soul. Somehow, books become an elegant decoration in house which has the ability to bring you inspiration. I enjoy the classic type: a book, a cup of coffee or tea, a quiet vew and a ventilated space.

3/ Watching movie:

“Do you prefer watching movie or reading book?” – some people asked me. “Both” – I said. I don’t feel like giving reasons for this right now. Maybe later. 🙂 If you follow me long time, maybe you will know exactly about me and my hobbies.

Yeah, those above are my top 3 hobbies. So, what are yours?

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
It’s not what you see, it’s how you look at it.
It’s not how your life is, it’s how you live it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I’ve just been back from 2 days of doing nothing, writing nothing, crying no tears, feeling nothing. But, as always, no matter what the fuck happened to me, no matter how the fuck I was feeling, who care, the world is keeping turning around and people is keeping screaming for their own. No one have time for anyone. Born alone, die alone. And, again, I’m my hero! Remember: Save yourself first!

I’m a loner and a lonely one either. But I think I’m okay or will be okay. Is that what I’m supposed to say?! Who care! I don’t care. I just can’t die and leave this hell. No, that’s not the way I’m gonna do. I will find a reason for myself to keep carrying on my life – the debt which I was born to pay for.

Still can’t cry. But everything will be okay. Soon.



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