Bipolar will take the best of you, if you let it.

Bi, stay strong!
Stay strong!
Control yourself, Bi.

You can do anything you want.
Hold on.
Don’t let you yourself take anything away from you again.
Don’t let your darkness break you down to hell again.
Don’t give up on yourself, Bi!
Bi, I’m calling your name, I’m calling my name, I’m calling us to stand!

Where was I last February?

Seem like I’ve been busy for a while.
Such a month.
Busy for nothing?!
Everything hasn’t been settled down yet. 😦
Oh my career…I need something  that will be a good career move. Can’t stop worrying! What will I be?! Must concentrate more on my career! :-< Though I don’t know for sure which way should I choose and which place should I start? A little bit stressed out thinking about that.

That’s it. I’ve just lost 1 more month of my life doing nothing really special.

Feel like there’s no more time left for me.

Feel like Imma get to be a loser forever!

:-< Am I acting negative again? Am I moaning again? -Yes, I think so. :-<

Argh, I need a NEW life!